Call to Meeting:   This Sunday December 3rd 2017 at 2PM on the PM side of the field.

Notice of Changes: The Club meetings will now be held on the First Sunday of the month. (This was voted on at the last club meeting)


Election of 2018 officers will be held at the upcoming meeting.

Nominees are;

President - Ron Knittle

Vice President- Frank Pitts & Don Runnels

Secretary - Russell Jensen

Treasurer - Bill Rose

The airshow will be coming up fast, we will need volunteers to make it happens.

If you smoke, please put your cigarette butts in the butt cans.


Please pass the word of the upcoming meeting to club members who may not have or may not check their e-mails.

Bill Rose





I would appreciate your sending out to the club membership the attached info and pictures of the beautiful T-34 I have for sale.  As you probably remember, I bought it at the club auction last month and after finally getting it home, have decided that it is too much airplane for me....I just don't fly well enough to pilot this really nice aircraft.  I will sell it for what I paid: $250.


Thanks much.


Russ Verbael (406) 781-7233