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To Yuma Aeromodeler clubmembers, we are again called on to provide a special event wherein Civil Air Patrol cadets will be hosted by us at the field from 10;00  till program complete.....about noon. 


 Schedule is as follows;

            0930  Cadets arrive at field......(PM Side)

            1000  Cadets welcomed by clubmembers

            1000  Cadets attend "groundschool" briefing

            1030  Cadets introduced to Buddy Box Instructors


             1030- 1200    Cadets participate in Buddy Box Flights

             1130- 1200     Cadets and Aeromodeler Clubmembers, Instructors participate in weenie roast lunch provided by the club. 


Clubmember volunteers  (so far)


                       Russ Verbael            Coordinator/ Food, Soda shopping, BBQ

                       Billy Rose                  Buddy Box Instructor

                       Jim Hollingsworth   Buddy Box Instructor

                       Don Hoyt                  Buddy Box Instructor


  We can definitely use additional guys to help sort out flight line details, Buddy Box INSTRUCTORS, help cook, provide demo flights....Anything that will add to the magic for the CAP cadets.