I bought two of these a few years back for $1200.00 each. I gave one to my boy to fly and enjoy.

Best Buy has the same Quad Copter,(without the hard case for $700.00, and 1 battery).


What you would receive is the Hard case, 16GB SD card, 2- 5400 mAh lithium-polymer batteries, AC-to-DC adapter, balancing charger, USB adapter/charger and cable, CGO3 4K gimbal camera,  CGO3 transport cover, sun shield, Owner's manual, ST10+ Ground Station, CGO Steadygrip, Typhoon 4K Quadcopter, USB interface/programmer, prop installation tool, and a lot of spare propellers and spare parts.


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I would have to have $500.00 for all Typhoon Q500 4K related spare parts and what is pictured.