Fly Yuma 2020 Yuma Aeromodelers Airshow.

Dave Bartholomew

Sorry Tanner, just opened this this morning. As Tanner suggests, we will move forward with the show.  The chance of rain is now down a little with the peak at 5 AM.


Also, donít forget that we have to restore the field.  After the show we will do some tear down and Sunday we will finish.  Please help out.  



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From: Tanner Curtis <>

Subject: Re: Fly Yuma 2020 Yuma Aeromodelers Airshow.

Date: February 20, 2020 at 2:46:30 PM MST

To: Dave Bartholomew <>


Dave, can you please email this out to everyone? Much appreciated!



Hello everyone,


As a heads up, the weather forecast is predicting a 70% chance of rain early in the morning on Saturday. As of now, the majority will fall before mornings first light, and I don't foresee us cancelling the airshow just yet. 


If I have to call off the airshow due to weather, it will likely be Saturday morning early sometime. Hopefully this weather prediction is as accurate as it has always been in Yuma (heavy sarcasm is implied, weather predictions in Yuma are a random guess, at best). 


On top of this news, there also seems to be a prediction for heavy winds towards the afternoon. Right now I am holding out that our morning window will be great and we will have a good show again as in previous years. 


The Friday activities for setup will still commence as we are still going to bank on the airshow being a green light. Additionally, the Friday night fly and Sunday swap meet are still a GO. 


Please let me know if you have any questions."