Paths of Persistence
"Frank E. Webner, pony express rider~," ca. 1861.


Directors of the Union Pacific Railroad on the 100th meridian approximately 250 miles west of Omaha, Nebr. Terr. The train in background awaits the party of Eastern capitalists, newspapermen, and other prominent figures invited by the railroad executives. By John Carbutt, October 1866.


"End of the Track. Near Humboldt River Canyon, Nevada." Campsite and train of the Central Pacific Railroad at foot of mountains, 1868. By Alfred A. Hart.


Joining the tracks for the first transcontinental railroad, Promontory, Utah, Terr., 1869.


"The overland stage road between Ogden and Helena crossing the Beaver Head River at Point of Rocks ... by means of a plank bridge." By Jackson, 1871.


Column of cavalry, artillery, and wagons, commanded by Gen. George A. Custer, crossing the plains of Dakota Territory. By W. H. Illingworth, 1874 Black Hills expedition.


Cinching and loading pack mule with flour during starvation march of Gen. George Crook's expedition into the Black Hills. By S. J. Morrow, 1876.


Horsedrawn stretcher carrying a wounded man from the Battle of Slim Buttes, Dak. Terr. By Morrow, 1876.


"The Rosebud, historic old Missouri River boat that went up the River from Bismark, N.D. to Coalbanks in Montana, head of navigation." ca. 1878.


"Mormon emigrants." Photograph of covered wagon caravan by C. W. Carter ca. 1879.


Ox train used to transport supplies in Arizona Territory, 1883.


"Government pack mules and packers. [Photograph taken near Mexican border 1883."


Co. B~ 10th Infantry~, crossing Gila River in buckboard wagons near San Carlos, Ariz. Terr., ca.1885.


Typical stage of the Concord type used by express companies on the overland trails. Soldiers guard from atop, ca. 1869.


Climbing Pike's Peak, Colorado, in winter, rounding Windy Point, ca. 1890.


Steamer Bessie on the Rio Grande River loading up at Fort Ringgold, Tex., en route to Brownsville, ca. 1890.


Laying tracks on the extreme front of Prescott and Eastern Railroad in Arizona Territory, ca. 1898.


Construction workers on the military road, from Fort Washakie to Buffalo Fork near the Continental Divide, drive their wagonload of equipment up the summit of To-Gwo-Tee Pass, Wyo. Terr., 1898.


"Pieces all saved." Man with parts of his wagon and equipment on muddy floor of Canyon deChelly, Navajo Reservation, Ariz. Terr. By D. Griffiths, September 13--19, 1903.


"Two common methods of hauling water in Old Mexico and southwestern United States ... Encinal, Tex., 1905."


A rider fills his keg from a desert well 30 miles north of Palomas, Ariz. Terr. His horse refreshes himself nearby. By Stanton G. Smith, April 5, 1907.


"Steamer Expansion; makes weekly trips on the Yellowstone River between Mondak and Glendive, Montana." The riverboat also carried freight for the lower Yellowstone reclamation project. August 9, 1907.


Discovery party and horses on hot, slick rocks west of Navajo Mountain on their way to Rainbow Bridge, Utah. By Neil M. Judd, August 13, 1909.


Automobile helped through sandy wash onto mesa, 7 miles northwest of Yuma, Calif. by A. L. Westgard, November 20, 1911.


Buckboard and coaches zigzagging down the "W" Pike's Peak carriage road, Colorado, 1911.


An AAA Good Roads Official on his transcontinental auto trip passes the only road sign in evidence along the dusty, desolate road near Glendive, Mont. By A. L. Westgard, July 1912.


Noon camp of a surveying outfit, southwest part of Jornada Range Reserve, New Mexico, October 17, 1912.


Members of the Denver Motor Club and Chamber of Commerce test--driving the Denver to Salt Lake Exposition route near De Beque, Colo. By A. L. Westgard, October 1912.


Covered wagon withjackrabbit mules encounters an automobile on the trail near Big Springs, Nebr. By A. L. Westgard, 1912.


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