The Disinherited
"Gen. William T. Sherman and commissioners in council with Indian chiefs at Ft. Laramie, Wyo.." ca. 1867-68.


"Drawing rations at the agency on issue day." Indians form a line while officers' wives and issuing agent stand in center with sacks of flour at Camp Supply, Indian Terr. [now Oklahoma], ca. 1871.


"Blacksmithing at the Indian training school, Forest Grove, Ore., 1882."


Indian reception of President Chester A. Arthur at Fort Washakie, Wyo. Terr.,1883.


Band of Apache Indian prisoners at rest stop beside Southern Pacific Railway, near Nueces River, Tex., September 10, 1886. Among those on their way to exile in Florida are Natchez (center front) and, to the right, Geronimo and his son in matching shirts. By A. J. McDonald.


"Makah tribe of Indians from Nee-oh Bay resting on the beach at Port Townsend [Wash.] while enroute for the hop fields up Pudget-Sound. Photo by J. M. McMurry." ca. 1890.


"Big Foot, leader of the Sioux, captured at the battle of Wounded Knee, S.D." Here he lies frozen on the snow-covered battlefield where he died, 1890.


"Villa of Brule. The great hostile Indian camp on River Brule near Pine Ridge, S. D." By Grabill, 1891.


"Shoshone Indians at Ft. Washakie, Wyoming Indian reservation .. . Chief Washakie (at left) extends his right arm." Some of the Shoshones are dancing as the soldiers look on, 1892.


"Saber Exercises, Troop 'List Cavalry, Ft. Custer Mont., 1892." An Indian troop of U.S. soldiers.


"Apache Indians delivering hay, Fort Apache, Ariz., 1893."


"Indian Day parade, Omaha, Neb., Aug. 4, 1898."


'A Council with the Agent in 1900." Cheyenne and Arapaho lndians at Seger Colony, OkIa. Terr.


"Indian teams hauling 60 miles to market the 1100 bushels of wheat raised by the school. It brought four cents more than wheat raised by white farmers near by and was sold for seed." Seger Colony, Okla. Terr., ca. 1900.


The William B. Douglas party, including Navaho and Paiute Indians, celebrate their discovery of Rainbow Bridge, Utah, as they eat watermelon in Paiute Canyon, 1909. By Judd


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