Life by the Sea
"N. P. Railway, Tacoma [Wash. Terr.] Shipping first cargo of halibut caught in Puget Sounds by crew of schooner Oscar and Hattie. September 20, 1888." By N. B. Miller.


"Husking shrimps--treading out dried shrimps, San Francisco Bay, 1888--89." By Charles H. Townsend.


"Chinese drying shrimps and mending nets, ca. 1889." San Francisco Bay By Townsend.


View of Chinese fishing camp against a hillside. Drying grounds, nets cast out to sea, and shanties hugging the shoreline. Point San Pedro, San Francisco Bay, ca. 1889. By Townsend.


"[Reeling] up a gill net. To dry." Near San Francisco, ca. 1891.


Italian fishermen mending nets on wharf at foot of Union Street in San Francisco. Boats are lined up on the wharf for painting and repairs, ca. 1891. By Townsend.


Fishermen's Wharf at foot of Union Street, San Francisco. Circular crab nets and large fish nets are spread out to dry. A three--masted ship is on distant horizon and small feluccas thrust protruding masts and graffs above the wharf's railing, ca. 1891. By Townsend.


"On the wharves, San Francisco, 1900." Moored schooners' masts form a wall around the dock. By Henry G. Peabody.


"Sardine Industry: Wharf and sun dry process." Monterey, Calif., ca. 1908.


"Baird, Calif. Hauling seine." ca. 1908.


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