Bonanzas from the Earth
Goldhill, Nev. General view of the town and mines. By O'Sullivan, 1867--68.


Orena, Nev., Montezuma silver smelting works. Ox teams and men at rest. By O'Sullivan, 1867.


Miner working inside the Comstock Mine, Virginia City, Nev. Taken by O'Sullivan using the glare of burning magnesium for a flash of light, 1867--68.


Cars coming out of shaft, Comstock Mine, Virginia City, Nev. By O'Sullivan, 1867-68.


Hydraulic gold mining near Virginia City, Mont. Terr. A flume is laid upon bedrock in the bottom of Alder Gulch and the waters of the creek brought through it, carrying the auriferous sand. The sides of the gulch are washed away into sluiceboxes where the gold is collected. By Jackson, 1871.


Panning for gold near Virginia City, Mont. Terr. By Jackson, 1871.


Man with a rocker cradling for gold near Virginia City, Mont. Terr. By Jackson, 1871


Quarrying granite for the Mormon Temple, Utah Territory. The ground is strewn with boulders and detached masses of granite, which have fallen from the walls of Cottonwood Canyon. The quarrying consists of splitting up the blocks. 1872.


"Camp of the Miners of the North Star and Mountaineer Lodes, on King Solomon Mountain, above Cunningham Gulch." By Jackson, 1875, in San Juan County, Colo. Terr.


Mining crew drifting for gold below discovery point, Deadwood, Dak. Terr. Bystanders pose for photographer S. J. Morrow, ca. 1876.


Ore teams on a dusty road, Pinal Co., Ariz. Terr., ca. 1897.


Panoramic view of reduction works and copper mines, Globe, Ariz. Terr., ca 1898--99.


Loading coal in the strip pits, Wilburton, Indian Terr. [Oklahoma], ca. 1898.


The Mesabi Range. A panoramic view of the Shenango iron mine, ca. 1910. Beginning in 1892, the rich Mesabi Range in northern Minnesota was a major source of high--grade iron ore.


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