"Fred W. Loring, in his campaign costume, with his mule `Evil Merodach.' Taken about 48 hours before he was brutally murdered by Apache--Mohaves, while en route from Prescott, A. T. [Ariz. Terr.] to San Bernadino, Cal., by stage. Loring had been with the [Wheeler] expedition as general assisstant and correspondent, and was returning to the East with a mind stored with rare adventure and scenic wonders." By Timothy H. O'Sullivan, 1871.


"Distant view of Ancient Ruins in lower part of Canon de Chelle [Ariz. Terr.] ... Showing their position in the walls and elevation above bed of canon." A member of the Wheeler Expedition is sketching the ruins from the foreground of the photograph. By O'Sullivan, 1873.


Ox train used to transport supplies in Arizona Territory, 1883.


Co. B~ 10th Infantry~, crossing Gila River in buckboard wagons near San Carlos, Ariz. Terr., ca.1885.


Laying tracks on the extreme front of Prescott and Eastern Railroad in Arizona Territory, ca. 1898.


"Pieces all saved." Man with parts of his wagon and equipment on muddy floor of Canyon deChelly, Navajo Reservation, Ariz. Terr. By D. Griffiths, September 13--19, 1903.


A rider fills his keg from a desert well 30 miles north of Palomas, Ariz. Terr. His horse refreshes himself nearby. By Stanton G. Smith, April 5, 1907.


General view of the corral and surrounding area at Camp Apache, Ariz. Terr., 1877.


"Execution of a soldier of the 8th Infantry at Prescott, Arizona, 1877."


"Heliographic station #3 Bowie District system [Ariz. Terr.] ... Used exclusively in the Apache Indian War." ca. 1885.


"Apache Indians delivering hay, Fort Apache, Ariz., 1893."


"Clifton, Arizona, jail. Built about 1881 by Lezinsky Bros., original owners of the copper mines at Clifton. Contract for blasting cells in face of cliff secured by a Mexican, Margarito Barela, who was its first prisoner imprisoned for a`shooting up' celebration."


"The lynching of John Heith at Tombstone, Arizona, Feb. 22, 1884. He was implicated in the robbery of the Goldwater-Castan[e]da store in Dec. 1883, wherein there were three men and one woman killed. The other five men were apprehended and legally hanged at Tombstone, March 6, 1884."


"Irrigation ditch under construction at San Carlos Indian Agency, Arizona-1886."


"Mormons at Mormon Dairy." Two women and their small children pose before a building at what is now known as Mormon Lake, Ariz. Terr. By E. A. Ames, 1887--89.


"Some of [Aztec's] Punchers." Aztec Land &Cattle Company, Holbrook, Ariz. Terr. By Ames, 1877--89.


"Cattle Ranch, Graham Co. Ariz." Dude with his lassoed steer ca. 1896--97.


"Cattle Round Up." Close view of a steer downed for branding, ca. 1896--99, Arizona Territory.


"Residence of G. L. Rule Feb. 18, 1898. Have lived here since Sept. 1893." Family stands in foreground; sod building and cabin in background, Arizona Territory.


"Trappers and hunters in the Four Peaks country on Brown's Basin [Ariz. Terr.]. Two Crab Tree boys, their father and the dogs and burrows [sic] which they hunt with. Their cabin is located on LongCreek, at the entrance of Hell's Hip Pocket in Brown's Basin, between Four Peaks and Salt River." By Lubkin, January 1908.


Ore teams on a dusty road, Pinal Co., Ariz. Terr., ca. 1897.


Panoramic view of reduction works and copper mines, Globe, Ariz. Terr., ca 1898--99.


"Birds Eye View of Winslow, looking East." Atlantic and Pacific Railway cars on converging tracks in the foreground of the arid Arizona terrain, ca. 1890.


"Nogales, Santa Cruz Co. Showing boundary line between Arizona and Mexico." General view of center of town from hillside, looking west along International Street, ca. 189~99. By W I Neumann.


Flagstaff, Ariz. Terr. Street view of post office, other buildings, and people, with mountains in background, ca. 1899. By G. Ben Wittick


"Hovey's Dance Hall at Clifton, Arizona. Taken 1884. Anton Muzzonvich next to tree."


"Officers and guests lunch under giant cactus near Fort Thomas, Arizona." February 18, 1886.


"An Arizona Poker Party, at John Doyle's ranch; Doyle, Judge Brown, and the Prof. [Burrison] at play." By E A. Ames, ca. 1887-89.


"Target shooting, in Arizona." John Doyle's ranch, ca. 1887-89. By Ames.


"Orient Saloon at Bisbee, Arizona... Faro game in full blast. Recognized: Left to right-Tony Downs (standing with derby) part owner; Doyle, a concert hall singer at corner of table, sitting, with derby; back of him standing is Dutch Kid; Sleepy Dick, the porter, to right with light felt; Charlie Bassett, with soft felt hat in rear next to wall; dealer is Johnny Murphy, and Smiley Lewis in silk hat." By C. 5. Fly, ca. 1900.


Townspeople of Ehrenburg, Ariz. Terr., greet a stranger in an automobile on his pioneer cross country tour. Saloon in background. By A. L. Westgard, ca. 1911.


"Dedication ceremonies of Roosevelt dam [Ariz. Terr.], Col. Roosevelt speaking, March 18, 1911." By Lubkin.


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