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Fellow Yuma Aeromodelers,
The field will be closed for sealing of the runway on Tues, Dec. 16 and into Wed.  It will be flyable later Wed. afternoon but be careful of soft spots.
Starting immediately, all flyers will be required to wear your membership card on your person.  We will make clip on, or pin on holders for your card available.  You are issued two cards when you become a member, so you still have one for the frequency board.  If you need an extra one, see Boni Pienups.
At the last meeting there was a discussion about unauthorized flyers using our field,  flyers leaving the gates open, and the theft of our two fire pits and some of the wood.  The unauthorized flyers are a problem because if they are not members of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), or MAAC (the Canadian equivalent), they do not possess the necessary insurance to cover the Yuma Aeromodelers for any incident that may occur.  It behoves each member to talk with individuals if they are not wearing their membership card.  And please, DO THAT IN A CIVILIZED MANNER.  If we have any problems with liability from an uninsured flyer, the Irrigation District will have no problem shutting us down.
The other reason for wearing our membership name cards is pretty obvious to those of us who are OLD.  We tend to forget names pretty easily so the name cards will help with our failing memories.
Lock combination number will be changed after the first of the year.  Anyone without a current membership will not receive the new combination.  
Thanks everyone for helping make the field a great and safe place to fly with our friends/members.
Roger Bayly, Dave Bartholomew, Ron Knittle, Jim LeBarge and Boni Pienups.


Contreras Field, Home of the Yuma AeroModelers

If you are interested in learning to fly models airplanes and/or helicopters, just contact our club.  Get in touch with us, if you have any questions about our club activities or to offer comments.

Our Charter

Our club is chartered under AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics). Club charter #320 AMA Gold Leader Club. Our club's purpose is to promote model aircraft activities; building, flying, teaching others to fly.

History of Our Club

Our club was started over 30 yrs ago and has had various flying sites over the years. We have had the current field since 1996 and have been working on improving it a little at a time. By far the biggest improvement was when we put in the paved runway. The club membership includes local flyers plus many winter visitors who enjoy the usually great year-round flying weather.

Our Club is now re-named to: Contreras Field, home of the Yuma Aeromodelers.


Our field has a paved runway approx 600 X 60. Shaded pits for morning and afternoon flying. Hyw 95 and Rifle Range Road.  Located at N32d 42' 27.59" by W114d 25' 27.59"

Map It Here

All AMA and MAAC members are welcome to fly. Non club members need a club member as a sponsor.