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This summer, Noah Butler attended the National Youth Leadership Forum UC California, Berkeley that we helped finance for him.  All that we asked was a report when he returned.
Here is a note from his Mom, Marsha and the report.  The report is in both a Word doc. and pdf.
Hi Dave,
 Noah had a wonderful time.  It was amazing to see him tell stories and see how much he grew from
this experience.  He continues to talk about it as he remembers different situations.

Thanks for all your support.  Would you send this to the club?  Or would you like for Noah to give an oral report?  Be ready for quite a re-telling of the week!!!

            Hi there, awhile back you supported me on going to National Youth Leadership Forum; Engineering. This a summary of my experiences. I experienced a lot while in Berkeley, there were many people to meet, many things to see, many things to learn. It was a weeklong of just over the top fun and brain draining. To help put things into perspective, NYLF consisted of three hundred and sixty students all equally intelligent as me. I was put into a dorm suite, with four other high school age guys. Luckily I got along with all of them.
            All of us were put into groups that were titled by a letter, I was in group L. My FA (faculty advisor), Mr. Charles Garret. Mr G. was an awesome guy; He is an energetic 4th grade teacher that is working on his doctorate in education. I couldn't have asked for a better group leader. The whole week our group worked/lived by Mr. G's personal slogan, “Be Awesome, Be Amazing”. By day two, the slogan spread to the rest of the event.
            Day two really kicked off the activities. After lunch that day we attended an Academic Lecture for 3D Printing and 3D Modeling. Afterward we went back to our group's class room to try our hand at 3D Modeling. Don't get me wrong, it's not as easy as it sounds, it's difficult to get used to the tools. Starting at 4pm, two other groups joined us in our room. At this point we all took the personality test to find out what personality we are. The four that you could have been are, lion, peacock, owl, and koala. I was a peacock. We were then put into groups with all the other people with the same animal, and then we made a poster for our animal. Late that night, after dinner, we had tug-a-war robot wars. We used the Lego Mindstorm NXT as the brain for our robot. I was in a group of six other students. Unfortunately our robot did not win, but our group had a robot that went to the semi finals of the entire program. The winners of the competition were a team from group H.
            Day three was fun… that was the day that we toured Stanford University. Before we actually set foot on the campus, we got to listen to a speech by the dean of the Engineering section of Stanford. This was an intriguing speech. There is a lot that goes on when you're the dean of anything , but dean of Stanford's Engineering? That's was pretty sweet if you ask me. After that we got to tour the campus. All the famous pictures you see either on the website or another site are nothing compared to the actual thing. Stanford is a beautiful school.
            Day four started the more technical activities. We attended a lecture on electronics, how to read schematics, the four band color code system for resistors, and the basics of something called an Arduino board. Also on this day we chose our extension activities. These were was just a couple classes that we could choose from to attend the next day, I chose Aerospace engineering, and Mechanical engineering. Later on that day we went to our class room and built our first circuit. the circuit made six led lights blink in sequence.
            Day five was awesome. This was the day we did our extension activities. In aerospace we designed and built our own airfoils for wings. Then we got to test them in a wind tunnel, totally cool! Then in mechanism we made robotic grippers (hand) the could hold an object and also extend to an object. That night was very fun; we went to Pier 39 in San Fransisco. We had three hours of free time, the only rules were that we had to be in groups of three or more, and we had to stay on the pier itself. Starting off the night I got in a group with three other friends and then went to a sushi shop called Han Zen. Then after that we just hung out and had fun walking around on the pier.
            Day Six was the day I had been looking forward to all week. This day we brought everything together that we learned about circuits and the Arduino boards. We were making RC Helicopters controlled by the computer. This was difficult, interesting, and fun all at the same time. The whole thing lasted for about four hours, and then it was dinner time.
            This whole week was crazy cool, interesting, and profitable. I learned a lot about what it is like to be in college. I also learned how to get used to and work in groups of people you don't know anything about. Thanks for your support, it is truly appreciated.
Sincerely, Noah Butler -scholar and young man-



Contreras Field, Home of the Yuma AeroModelers

If you are interested in learning to fly models airplanes and/or helicopters, just contact our club.  Get in touch with us, if you have any questions about our club activities or to offer comments.

Our Charter

Our club is chartered under AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics). Club charter #320 AMA Gold Leader Club. Our club's purpose is to promote model aircraft activities; building, flying, teaching others to fly.

History of Our Club

Our club was started over 30 yrs ago and has had various flying sites over the years. We have had the current field since 1996 and have been working on improving it a little at a time. By far the biggest improvement was when we put in the paved runway. The club membership includes local flyers plus many winter visitors who enjoy the usually great year-round flying weather.

Our Club is now re-named to: Contreras Field, home of the Yuma Aeromodelers.


Our field has a paved runway approx 600 X 60. Shaded pits for morning and afternoon flying. Hyw 95 and Rifle Range Road.  Located at N32d 42' 27.59" by W114d 25' 27.59"

Map It Here

All AMA and MAAC members are welcome to fly. Non club members need a club member as a sponsor.